Product works on only upper layer of your skin. It tones the dead skin cells so it is necessary for you to prep your skin properly. Make sure to exfoliate, shave and generously moisturize skin 24h before in order to have the ultimate tan. Pay special attention to moisturise the most knees, hands, elbows and feet. Carry out a patch test 24h prior to tanning.


  • We suggest applying product at nighttime before going to sleep and shower it off in morning
  • Apply product using Treasure Tan Mitt so that your palms stay clean. Pump product on Treasure Tan Mitt and start applying it on the largest areas of your skin, e.g., legs, arms and belly. Work the product in circular motions. As last ones leave areas like knees, feet and elbows. For these areas use the product that is left on your mitt
  • When product is applied allow it some time to absorb in skin before getting dressed
  • Avoid contact with water and perspiration
  • Wash the product off after 6 to 10 hours, do not exfoliate skin
  • Try to avoid light color fabrics before product is being washed off as it may stain


  • To maintain your tan moisturise skin properly
  • If you want your tan to be more intense - reapply product in a couple of days
  • It may take up to 48 hours for it to show the complete result depending on your skin type
  • If you use larger amount of product you will get more saturated tan, so you can try what amount works best for you