Treasure Tan team comes from a cold Northern country called Latvia. So we know the struggle when it comes to having a healthy look all year around. 

Our self-tanning foams are a perfect solution for both special event and regular use. 

Main active ingredients DHA and Erythrulose are vegetable origin.This combination makes your skin look tanned.
Aloe Vera, D-Panthenol will keep your skin hydrated. 



Treasure tan self tanning foams. Ķermeņa paštonējošās putas dabīgam iedegumam

How it works?

Easiest way to explain how self-tan works is: imagine apple, when you cut it in half and leave for some time the upper layer slowly changes its colour to brownish. That is because it reacts with oxygen. Similarly with self-tan - when put on upper skin layer (dead skin cells) it reacts and changes to brown colour or as we call it "a nice and tanned" look. However, it is important to exfoliate (remove the excess dead skin cells) and moisturise (prepare the skin) before applying tanning foam to make sure you get smooth and even tan. How To read here>>


The tan you get is similar to natural sun-tan. Enjoy flawless, steak free, alcohol free, paraben free tan without looking orange or smelling bad.

Apply before sleep, rinse in the morning and have a gorgeous tan. It may take up to 48 h to see the most darkest shade. Reapply if you want darker shade.

Obtained tan is not easy to wash of and fades only in a result of abrasion. So you don’t have to worry about streaks or fading fast if your skin is prepped and maintained properly.

Our Treasure Tan Mitt helps you get perfect streak free tan without getting your palms dirty.


Treasure Tan was developed with aim to make you feel and look good at any situation. We care about how you feel in your own skin!


If interested in any kind of collaboration do not hesitate to contact us: info@treasuretan.com